The Fundy Guild hosts New Brunswick’s largest nature bookstore. The Fundy Guild bookstore also carries games, puzzles, puppets, souvenirs and clothing. The bookstore is in the Fundy National Park Visitor Centre, which is located at 8642 Route 114. If you would like to purchase any of the items listed below, inquire about other items sold at the Fundy Guild Bookstore, or for wholesale information, please contact us.

Fundy Guild Produced Materials

Fundy National Park Book Series

Beach Guide

An illustrated book of plants and animals that live along the Bay of Fundy. Available in French and English $4.95

Forest Guide

An illustrated book on most common plants of the coastal forest and where to find them. Available in French and English $4.95

Bird Guide

Notes on common birds in and around Fundy National Park, including a list of species identified in the area. Available in French and English $4.95

Fundy Bay of Giant Tides

Unrivaled in the world, the awesome ebb & flow of the sea water, along these shores is an inexhaustible energy source that powers all life in the bay. Colour photographs, 32 pages. Available in English $9.95 and French $8.95

Introducing Fundy National Park

Offers a glimpse into the many faces of Fundy. Colour photographs, 52 pages. Available in French and English $9.95

Fundy National Park Fun Book

A discovery book for children that explores park habitats through word games, mazes and puzzles. English only $2.50

Fundy Album: A Photo History

A collection of historic photographs of Alma and the communities that existed before Fundy National Park was established. Bilingual $9.95

Tides of Fundy

A pamphlet explaining the tides and where to view them. Bilingual $0.50

Songs From The Bay: The Fundy Sessions

This CD brings together all new recordings by some of the best musicians living in the New Brunswick region of the Bay of Fundy. Songs range from pop to traditional, folk to classical, techno to rock. This project is sponsored by the Fundy Guild.–$19.99